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Goodbye 2021 – Without Question our Most Intense Year to Date

4 minutes read The last two years have been the most challenging for the world in decades. Both personally and professionally our team overcame all obstacles imposed by two years full of challenges
Passfolio Ambassdors League

Introducing Passfolio Ambassadors League

2 minutes read We believe in the power of people; that’s why we are introducing Passfolio Ambassadors League – A community made up of Passfolio’s most loyal customers. The essence of this initiative
Passfolio Banking

About PassCard and Passfolio Bank Wallets

3 minutes read Last month we released to our users the waitlist for the newest chapter of Passfolio: banking. US Spending Accounts and international card in dollars have always been two of the

The First Bitcoin ETF – What You Need to Know

3 minutes read The US cryptocurrency industry has been trying to launch a bitcoin ETF for almost a decade in order to facilitate mass investment in the cryptocurrency. Finally, yesterday, the United States’
Image of a dollar bill burning

“Cash is trash”: How inflation impacts your money.

3 minutes read The value of money changes over time. What you can buy with $5 today might not be the same as what you can buy with $5 in a couple of
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