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Category: Crypto

The First Bitcoin ETF – What You Need to Know

3 minutes read The US cryptocurrency industry has been trying to launch a bitcoin ETF for almost a decade in order to facilitate mass investment in the cryptocurrency. Finally, yesterday, the United States’
Passfolio Ambassdors League

Introducing Passfolio Ambassadors League

2 minutes read We believe in the power of people; that’s why we are introducing Passfolio Ambassadors League – A community made up of Passfolio’s most loyal customers. The essence of this initiative
How to spot crypto scams

How to spot Crypto Scams

2 minutes read Cryptocurrencies are on the rise as the finance world gradually embraces the idea of virtual coins for transactions. Tons of cryptocurrencies launch each month with their respective uniqueness. Crypto lovers
What are NFTs

What are NFTs, and how do they work?

1 minute read NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are anything digital that is uniquely different and cannot be replaced. Bitcoin is a fungible coin because you can substitute a bitcoin with another. But you cannot

eNaira: What You Need to Know About Nigeria’s CBDC

2 minutes read Nigeria’s Central Bank is set to launch its digital currency – eNaira. The country’s apex bank made the website live and got over a million hits within 24 hours of

What are privacy coins and how do they work?

2 minutes read Many people think cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum may be a way to avoid taxation or conceal transactions, but that isn’t true. Thanks to their public blockchains, all BTC and

Fan Tokens: How Crypto Might Reshape Future of Football Business

3 minutes read In recent months, football teams in Europe have embraced new means of interacting with their fans due to the coronavirus restriction. The 2020/21 season saw most football matches played behind
Passfolio Ethereum

2021: Key Takeaways as Ethereum Crosses $3000 Valuation

3 minutes read Ethereum has crossed the $3000 trading mark and Bitcoin also traded above $45,000 valuation in what seems like a continual bull run in the crypto market.  Usually, investors contemplate taking
Central Bank of Nigeria

Challenges of Designing a Central Bank Digital Currency

2 minutes read The latest news to emanate from Nigeria is the decision of the Central Bank of Nigeria to begin the process to launch its digital currency, which will run on the

DOGE is now available on Passfolio!

2 minutes read You asked for it and we’re happy to announce Dogecoin ($DOGE) is now available on Passfolio Financial! Now you can hold and trade Dogecoin through Passfolio Financial. That means we
fan token

New cryptocurrencies available on Passfolio Crypto!

3 minutes read We’ve just added 10 new cryptos to Passfolio Financial bringing the total number of cryptocurrencies you can trade in Passfolio to 44! Trading and deposit is now available for Alchemix ($ALCX), Ankr