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Author: Tiago Ajeka

How to declare crypto assets in Brazilian income tax

2 minutes read The Brazilian IRS imposes some rules for those who buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Brazil. Check when – and how to declare not to be caught by the Lion In

Discover Brazilians Favorite Cryptocurrencies in 2021!

1 minute read A Passfolio survey shows which are the cryptocurrencies with the highest volume invested by users in Brazil. An exclusive survey from Passfolio released a list with the most invested cryptocurrencies

Meet some Personalities Who Invest in Crypto

3 minutes read Here are some of the public figures who have declared to invest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. Check it out Cryptoactives, or cryptocurrencies, have been drawing more and

Fractional shares: invest in your favorite companies from $1

2 minutes read Through the Passfolio app, investors can buy a fraction of a share instead of full-stock. See how: To buy a single share of companies like Apple, Tesla, Amazon and Microsoft

American Stock Market: See How and Where To Invest

4 minutes read Fractional shares, ETFs, REITs, ADRs. The American market offers options that go far beyond buying shares directly. Check out the main alternatives below In the past, access to the American

5 reasons to invest in stocks in the United States

3 minutes read By opening an account at an American brokerage, investors gain access to shares of innovative companies such as Amazon, Tesla and Netflix. See why consider this option. There are several

Passfolio Financial, in partnership with Voepa, is raffling 60 entries for the “Bitcoin sem Segredo”!

2 minutes read Do you want to know more about cryptocurrencies but don’t know where to start? So, pay attention to what Passfolio Financial and Voepa have prepared! Passfolio Financial, in partnership with

4 things to consider when picking a stock

2 minutes read Passfolio lets you invest in over 6.000 stocks, ETFs and REITs. There are plenty of options, but picking the right investment can be hard when there are so many to
A balance with a money sack on one side and ETFs, stocks, REITs blocks on the other side.

3 ways to diversify your portfolio

2 minutes read Diversification is a risk management strategy widely used by investors, but how is diversification achieved? That’s what this blog post is about.  Perhaps one of the most important things you
A hand with a pen writing over a paper with a graph on it.

Portfolio Overview: How Ray Dalio Invests

4 minutes read A while back we published a blog post about How Warren Buffett Invests. This time, we’ll go over how hedge fund manager Ray Dalio goes about his investments – keep
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