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Inez Watts

Account Manager

To apply, you must use the link below. Please note that this is a multi-step process which includes a Cover Letter Form, Curriculum Vitae (CV) Form, Application, 3 letters of recommendation and an

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What are privacy coins and how do they work?

2 minutes read Many people think cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum may be a way to avoid taxation or conceal transactions, but that isn’t true. Thanks to their public blockchains, all BTC and
Person looking at pie charts to determine the best asset allocation strategy

5 Micro Habits of Successful Investors

2 minutes read Building wealth is a gradual process. Many people consider investing as one of the ways to build wealth. Having a steady source of income can also help you prepare for

Planning to Move Abroad? Here are FIVE Money Tips For You

3 minutes read Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer – Anonymous. One would imagine the quote meant rich in ideas of vast culture and not having more money.

What is ESG and why do investors care about it?

2 minutes read A new concept has been gaining popularity among investors in the past few years: ESG. ESG stands for “Environmental, Social, and Governance” and refers to a company’s operations that some
Fan Tokens

Fan Tokens: How Crypto Might Reshape Future of Football Business

3 minutes read In recent months, football teams in Europe have embraced new means of interacting with their fans due to the coronavirus restriction. The 2020/21 season saw most football matches played behind
Passfolio Ethereum

2021: Key Takeaways as Ethereum Crosses $3000 Valuation

3 minutes read Ethereum has crossed the $3000 trading mark and Bitcoin also traded above $45,000 valuation in what seems like a continual bull run in the crypto market.  Usually, investors contemplate taking