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GREAT NEWS – Passfolio is adding MORE CRYPTOCURRENCIES to its platform. With eight new blockchain-based assets, that brings the total available on the app to over 80 – 85 to be exact. That’s a lot of choices when making crypto investments. 

Here’s a little more about these new cryptocurrencies – available to trade and store on Passfolio TODAY:

Ribbon (RBN) – Ribbon Finance is a protocol to help users access crypto structured products for decentralized finance, or DeFi. It combines derivatives like options, futures, and fixed income to improve a portfolio’s risk-return.

Liquity (LQTY) – Liquity is a borrowing protocol that allows users to draw 0% interest loans against collateral, which is Ether (ETH). LQTY is a token that captures the Liquity Protocol fee revenue generated by staking. 

Liquity LUSD (LUSD) – LUSD is USD-pegged stablecoin issued by the Liquity Protocol. Liquity is a decentralized borrowing protocol where Loans are paid out in LUSD and need to maintain a minimum collateral ratio of only 110%.

Maple Finance (MPL) – Maple is a decentralized credit market, offering borrowers financing completed entirely on-chain for transparency and efficiency. For liquidity providers, Maple offers a source for yield via lending to pools of institutions within the crypto ecosystem. 

DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) – The DeFiPulse Index (DPI) token is a decentralized finance index token for the DeFi Pulse Index. The index is a market capitalization-weighted index which consists of the 10 most popular Ethereum-based DeFi tokens.

Index Cooperative (INDEX) – Provides decentralized and exchange traded (ETF) crypto index funds based on web3. The INDEX token is the native governance token, holders of the INDEX can participate, propose, and vote on changes to the Cooperative’s smart contract.

Frax (FRAX) – The Frax Protocol has introduced the world to the concept of a cryptocurrency being partially backed, and developed the first fractional-algorithmic stablecoin. It uses code to maintain its stability, as it only has partial reserve to back the token. 

Frax Share (FXS) – The Frax Share token is the governance and value accrual token of the Frax Stablecoin Protocol. The first fractional-algorithmic stablecoin, it utilizes a stability mechanism, with a  ratio of collateralized and algorithmic depending on market conditions.
Cryptocurrencies are the future.

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