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The Passfolio Ambassadors League is back again! 

Last season, we were wowed by the exceptional performance of our ambassadors. 

What is Passfolio Ambassadors League?

It is a league of passionate Passfolio users keen on spreading Passfolio’s values among their community, and Yes! They get rewarded for it.

This time, we are giving out the following rewards:

  • 1st place on the leaderboard gets $500
  • 2nd place on the leaderboard gets $350
  • 3rd place on the leaderboard gets $200
  • Top 50 ambassadors will all get a 1-year subscription to Passfolio PRO and a surprise gift!

How to become a Passfolio Ambassador:

  • Register as a Passfolio user
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Patiently wait for our decision.
  • Sign up!
  • You are one of us!

Find below some of the activities scheduled for the current cycle of ambassadors: 

Leaderboard: Ambassadors will be ranked on a leaderboard based on the number of successful referrals in a cycle, which in this case starts on March 16 and ends on May 18, 2022. An updated leaderboard with the top 50 ambassadors will be emailed weekly to you.

Personalized experience: We are introducing a personalized approach to help and support you throughout your ambassadorial journey. 

Please remember that referring depositing users will help you rank better on the leaderboard. For more context, a depositing user means a person that signs up for Passfolio using your unique referral link and deposits at least US$25 before this current league cycle. 

<<Refer friends!>>

Please note that the activities above are only for this cycle. Activities of subsequent cycles of the Passfolio Ambassadors League might vary from time to time. 

For further information about your Ambassador mission, please email ambassadors@passfolio.com. 

For general doubts about Passfolio’s services, please get in touch with us at passfolio.com/contact

*Passfolio Ambassadors’ League is a program sponsored by Passfolio Financial