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When it comes to choosing a broker to invest in the USA, our customer support team has been a deciding factor for many customers.

We are dedicated to providing fast, responsive, and caring customer assistance to every client, no matter what the issue may be. We have a comprehensive Support Center but know sometimes you need personalized support and that is why our team is always there for you.

In just over two years our support team has solved more than 74,000 tickets, with an average first reply time of 1 hour and 18 minutes, average total resolution time of 3 hours, and 70% of tickets solved with a single reply. In other words, we are super fast and efficient when it comes to helping our clients 🙂

Customers hear from Passfolio support within an hour

Recently Rippling launched a real-time metrics dashboard to highlight their amazing customer support. Inspired by Rippling, we have now launched our own dashboard because we know good customer support is a key factor for customers. You can view our current stats here: https://www.passfolio.com/support-statistics

We are already working on support improvements and new features such as live chat during trading hours and phone support. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram (EN, ES) and the Passfolio blog to stay updated and if you ever need anything, just contact us, we are here for you!