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What is Crypto Tourism – Traveling the world comes with its liberty. It presents you with an opportunity to explore the world, meet new people, and most especially appreciate the unity in diversity. The travel industry has also jumped on receiving and offering services in digital currencies to attract another target audience – Crypto enthusiasts. 

Before now, there has been some ambiguity in the term – Crypto tourism. We put a social post to touch on the subject, and we got questions from people wanting to know more about this form of tourism. Tourism is one of the sectors that took a hit due to the COVID lockdown that lasted for months in parts of the world. Nonetheless, this article will focus on understanding crypto tourism with examples. 

Crypto tourism is a form of tourism that caters to cryptocurrency enthusiasts by offering packages in digital currency. Crypto lovers can pay for services during tours with virtual coins. 

Crypto tourism became famous in 2017 and continued to thrive until the COVID lockdown in 2020. Previously, tourism companies opened up tours targeted at the crypto space. These packages were packed with benefits for blockchain lovers. Generally, travelers are open to exploring new ideas; travel companies take the opportunity to target the crypto space.

Before the lockdown, New Zealand and the Bahamas companies introduced travel cryptocurrency in their packages to attract blockchain travelers. 

Similarly, a Scotland-based crypto wallet provider CoinsBank held four crypto tourism cruises. With the most recent trip in 2019, the cruise trip tagged Blockchain Cruises sailed the Mediterranean for five days and had about 2,500 attendees. 

Is Crypto Tourism for you?

Crypto tourism is primarily targeted at crypto lovers and those that would love to explore the blockchain space on the go. Most travel companies focused their marketing tentacles on crypto famous and wealthy. 

Crypto tours include exhibitions, conferences, and panel talks on the blockchain. Most fun activities are centered around digital currency and related matters. In other instances, crypto tours are organized to launch an initial coin offering (ICO) to create buzz and engage top players in the space. 

Pros of Crypto Tourism

  • The acceptance of digital currencies in tourism opens up new payment methods for travelers. 
  • Crypto tourism programs offer opportunities to learn more about investing in digital currency. 
  • Opportunities to meet with crypto experts during travel programs

Cons of Crypto Tourism 

  • The crypto market is not regulated.
  • Crypto tourism may be used as a marketing tool.
  • Crypto tourism isn’t a massive market in the travel industry.

The Bottom Line

Crypto tourism was a promising trend before the pandemic. Companies embarked on tours centered around blockchain projects. However, the pandemic has been an obstacle to tourism, affecting crypto tours. As the tourism sector begins to pick up the pace again, crypto tourism might start making a gradual comeback. 

While crypto tours might be an exciting opportunity to explore the world as a crypto lover, we recommend that you practice due diligence before taking a step in your next investment in crypto. 

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