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Through the Passfolio app, investors can buy a fraction of a share instead of full-stock. See how:

To buy a single share of companies like Apple, Tesla, Amazon and Microsoft – in that order, among the most traded by Brazilians on the US markets last year, according to data from Passfolio –, it would be necessary to shell out a small fortune.

That’s because an Amazon stock, for example, costs around $3,200; that is, almost 18 thousand reais! Yes, just one share.

But, calm down: there is a way to become a partner in a little bit of these giants, paying much more modest amounts. Want to know how?

Fractional shares
When investing, it is possible to buy a piece of stock. This is what we call fractional shares.

With them, it is possible to have access, as the name says, to the fraction of a share or an ETF (investment fund), investing from $1.

How to buy a giant’s slice?
Through the Passfolio app, this type of operation is very simple. If you haven’t opened your account yet, just download the app, make your first transfer and choose the company(s) you want to invest in.

Once this is done, you will be able to read a little more about the company and follow, in a graph, how its shares performed in different periods (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year and 5 years).

Having made the decision, it’s time to choose the amount you want to invest. For example, if the stock of an XYZ company is priced at $100, you can choose to buy a whole share, ½ share ($50), ¼ of it ($25), or whatever percentage you want, according to your strategy.

With $1, for example, you would buy 1% of the XYZ stock, and so on. The same goes for exchange traded funds (known as ETFs), which can also be traded through the Passfolio app.

Invest in US stocks with Passfolio

With Passfolio Securities, you can start investing in US stock with as little as US$1 – with no commission fees¹². We make investing in US assets accessible and even accept local deposit methods such as TEDs. 

Download Passfolio on the App Store or on Google Play. Find out more at www.passfolio.com

¹ Please see our fractional shares disclosure.

² Securities less than US$5 cost US$0.02/share. Please see our disclosures on other charges.

*All stock trades that exceed the US$1M limit will cost the largest of: 0.1% or US$0.02/share

Please read important legal disclosures that apply to your relationship with Passfolio.