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Month: January 2022

Goodbye 2021 – Without Question our Most Intense Year to Date

4 minutes read The last two years have been the most challenging for the world in decades. Both personally and professionally our team overcame all obstacles imposed by two years full of challenges
Passfolio Ambassdors League

Introducing Passfolio Ambassadors League

2 minutes read We believe in the power of people; that’s why we are introducing Passfolio Ambassadors League – A community made up of Passfolio’s most loyal customers. The essence of this initiative

Fractional shares: invest in your favorite companies from $1

2 minutes read Through the Passfolio app, investors can buy a fraction of a share instead of full-stock. See how: To buy a single share of companies like Apple, Tesla, Amazon and Microsoft

How to create an Annual financial plan

2 minutes read It’s another year, and we are already making plans for the year. Finances are one of the major levers in achieving your material goals for the year. Creating a sound

American Stock Market: See How and Where To Invest

4 minutes read Fractional shares, ETFs, REITs, ADRs. The American market offers options that go far beyond buying shares directly. Check out the main alternatives below In the past, access to the American

5 reasons to invest in stocks in the United States

3 minutes read By opening an account at an American brokerage, investors gain access to shares of innovative companies such as Amazon, Tesla and Netflix. See why consider this option. There are several
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