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Goodbye 2021 – Without Question our Most Intense Year to Date

The last two years have been the most challenging for the world in decades. Both personally and professionally our team overcame all obstacles imposed by two years full of challenges and uncertainty to get where we are today. However, as challenging as it was, we have grown and evolved so much during this process that what remains is the certainty of our resilience and, most of all, our humble gratitude – especially for you.

In the spirit of renewal and self-knowledge that the end of the year brings, we proudly share a #tbt of our biggest accomplishments during 2021!

We Grew a Lot

Passfolio was founded three years ago and has always been composed of a lean and extremely talented, committed, and passionate team. Throughout 2021 we saw our team double in size 🤯 – we can’t describe the feeling of needing to grow in order to keep serving you well.

Alongside this growth: in one year we went from 3,000 US securities available for trading to 6,000, cryptos from less than 30 in December, 2020 to 60 today, and we more than tripled our community of international investors! A situation both joyful and challenging – to be able to look back and realize how much we have grown is priceless. We have never been just a financial app. We have always been a community and we will never stop being one.

We Got Even Closer

Our public roadmap has always been there – it is through it that you can share your opinion and recommend and vote on suggestions from other users. But we wanted to bring the community together real-time so we created Telegram groups so global investors can exchange ideas and interact more directly with our team. There are three groups:

Countless New Features

  • Web Platform
  • PIX deposits and Nigerian Bank Transfers
  • Leverage (Pro exclusivity)
  • Same-day deposits without extra fees
  • Official and fast support channel
  • Trading flexibility
  • Smart Portfolio
  • News section on the app
  • Account Statement in csv
  • Interest on money not invested in the stock wallet (Pro exclusivity)
  • Dark mode on the web
  • Live prices
  • Performance improvements
  • And many more…

Many of these features are a result of suggestions on the public roadmap so please keep using it!

We Helped Others

In May, due to the worsening of the pandemic in Brazil and the hunger crisis spread across the country, we held a fundraising campaign for four Brazilian charities. With your help, we chose 4 NGOs: Amigos do Bem, Central Única das Favelas, Gerando Falcões, and Olhar de Bia. Together, we raised US$150,000 through the donation of our crypto trade revenue throughout the month. It was an incredible experience that we will never forget and on behalf of all the institutions we want to thank you for all the support during the process.

We Said Hi to Mexico

We expanded our transfer methods to support Mexico SPEI deposits and withdrawals while welcoming our Mexican investors!

PassCard and Spending Accounts

An international debit card to spend your dollars directly from your Passfolio account has been the most popular suggestion on our roadmap for a while. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick but that day has come! We announced in October the PassCard – an international Mastercard card in dollars linked to your new US spending account.

The waitlist to be one of the first users can be accessed here. Since announcing PassCard and launching the waitlist we’ve been silent and some of you told us on Telegram that you believed PassCard had already become friends with Saci Pererê. We unfortunately faced some unexpected delays which delayed marketing about this long-awaited launch but believe us – we are as eager as you to tell you more! You can read the latest information about our new product here.

And There’s so Much More Ahead…

We were born with the purpose of democratizing financial opportunities and we won’t stop until we succeed. To date we’ve worked to create one of the most feature-rich global financial services in the world and now we know it is time to improve the user experience and every feature:

  • A new app: a new user experience launches in the next update. It is another step toward creating the best financial app in the world.
  • A new interest account: the US spending account is already a reality (beginning with Brazilians), but soon we will announce a small surprise for those who like a fixed income – who doesn’t?
  • Education: you already have the tools you need to invest in an accessible, fast, and practical way. In the first quarter of 2022 you will also have access to a new content portal to help you on this journey.
  • Smart Portfolio: our managed US securities portfolios are still in beta but already help many invest in an automated way. We look forward to improving it next year!
  • And there is a lot more to come: we have a lot of surprises in store for next year but, most importantly, there are new features we don’t even know about yet because you will suggest them: help us be what you need most by suggesting features and improvements in the Roadmap!

So let’s get ready to say goodbye to 2021… we want to thank you once again for your incredible and unwavering support as we grow and improve. Whenever you need help, count on us at passfolio.com/contact

The Passfolio Team