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Month: October 2021

Answers to frequently asked questions about Passfolio

6 minutes read Making sure you get your questions answered is something we spend a lot of time on here at Passfolio. After all, investing in the US is something new to many

The First Bitcoin ETF – What You Need to Know

3 minutes read The US cryptocurrency industry has been trying to launch a bitcoin ETF for almost a decade in order to facilitate mass investment in the cryptocurrency. Finally, yesterday, the United States’

BDRs vs. investing abroad: which is better?

3 minutes read Learn the pros and cons of BDRs versus investing abroad.   It ‘s not easy to choose between BDRs or investing in US stocks directly. BDRs make it possible for those

SIX Common Mistakes Investors Should Avoid

2 minutes read Investing is more focused on potentials and probabilities. One can say some factors help to decide which stock will do well in the market. However, investors are not sure about

eNaira: What You Need to Know About Nigeria’s CBDC

2 minutes read Nigeria’s Central Bank is set to launch its digital currency – eNaira. The country’s apex bank made the website live and got over a million hits within 24 hours of