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In recent times, the naira has received a lot of attention due to economic reasons. Nigerians’ purchasing power has dropped immensely due to different factors such as devaluation, continuous inflation, among other factors. However, we will be talking about things you can still buy with 500 naira despite the eroding nature of the currency. 


You can still get a sumptuous roll of shawarma for 500 naira in some parts of the country.

Mobile data & airtime

You can buy mobile data or airtime from any of the major network providers in Nigeria. 500 naira could serve you for a day or a week, depending on your consumption. 

A plate of food at a local restaurant

With 500 naira, you enjoy some delicacies at a local buka, although you will have to be cautious not to overspend your budget. 

3 litres of Petrol for your car or generator

With the current price of Petrol pegged at 164 per litre, you can get three litres for your generator or vehicle. Although, one would agree that you might need more than that if you are running on nearly an empty tank.

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