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The Covid-19 crisis in Brazil is dire – tens of millions of Brazillians are facing hunger or food insecurity and Covid-19 is killing thousands everyday. That’s why we are donating all of our May 2021 cryptocurrency revenue to Brazil charities. We wish we could do more.

The four currently selected charities are:

Amigos do Bem since 1993, the charity has been developing education, healthcare, housing, and other social projects that serve 75,000 people in Brazil’s Northeast. In Brazil’s Northeast, the poorest region of the country, there is a lack of resources which makes hunger an evermore present reality.

CUFA is an organization that manages and promotes various initiatives in poor Brazilian communities. They maintain projects related to sports, culture, education, and more. CUFA’s “Movimento Panela Chela” is a campaign aimed at distributing food and eradicating hunger in Brazil.

Gerando Falcões is an ambitious organization dedicated to helping vulnerable communities escape poverty through education and a wide range of social initiatives. The organization is now leading a massive campaign to distribute food throughout Brazilian favelas.

Olhar de Bia is a charity focused on improving the lives of people in poor communities in Brazil through access to education. Recently, due to the economic repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization has directed its efforts to provide food for those in need.

Thank you for your support.


David Gobaud, Founder & CEO